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Поиск публикаций автора "B.A. Trubnikov"
Найдено 18
1. The Differential Form of the Kinetic Equation of a Plasma for the Case of Coulomb Collisions
B.A. Trubnikov
JETP, 1958 г., Том 7, Вып. 5, стр. 926
PDF (221.7K)

2. Energy Loss of Slow Protons in Metals
3. Virtual Levels for a Screened Coulomb Potential
4. Quantum Correlation Functions in a Maxwellian Plasma
B.A. Trubnikov, V.F. Elesin
JETP, 1965 г., Том 20, Вып. 4, стр. 866
PDF (887.2K)

5. Longitudinal Oscillations of Relativistic Electron-ion Plasma at Zero Temperature
6. Are White Dwarfs Superconductors?
B.A. Trubnikov
JETP, 1969 г., Том 28, Вып. 5, стр. 1001
PDF (734.1K)

7. Hydrodynamics of Photons in an Inhomogeneous Plasma
B.A. Trubnikov
JETP, 1972 г., Том 35, Вып. 3, стр. 513
PDF (540.1K)

8. Tunnel Recombination of Protons near the Surface of a Metal
9. Thermodynamics of a Weakly Relativistic Plasma
10. Relativistic generalization of the Darwin Lagrangian
11. Particle acceleration by breaking of the constrictions of a Z-pinch and a plasma focus
12. Magnetohydrodynamics of a collisionless plasma
13. Instability and formation of regular structures during cooling of gas-saturated liquids and solids
14. Nonlinear theory of flame-front instability
15. Quasigas approximation in treating electron-beam bunching in a plasma and the tangential discontinuity in hydrodynamics
S.K. Zhdanov, B.A. Trubnikov
JETP, 1988 г., Том 67, Вып. 8, стр. 1575
PDF (385.1K)

16. The "gas" approximation in the nonlinear stability theory for Korteweg-de Vries solitons
17. The theory of acceleration effects accompanying the breakoff in plasma pinch constrictions
18. The scarab transformation and magnetic analogies for three-dimensional curves in connection with a certain class of extremaIs
B.A. Trubnikov
JETP, 1984 г., Том 60, Вып. 5, стр. 935
PDF (183K)

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