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1. Effect of Viscosity in Multiple Production on the Energy Distribution of Secondary Particles
2. Peripheral Interaction of 9-Bev Nucleons
3. Multiple Production of Jet Particles in Peripheral Collisions
4. Correction to Article "Fluctuation in Collision of High Energy Particles" [J. Exptl. Theoret. Phys. (U.S.S.R.) 29, 296 (1955)]
5. On the Use of Dispersion in Energy as a Criterion for the Accuracy of the Variational Method
6. On Particle Energy Distribution at Multiple Formation
7. Fluctuations during Collision of High Energy Particles
8. Intersection of Vacuum Pole Trajectories
9. On Inelastic Processes Due to Various Types of Moving Poles
10. Regge Shrinkage of the Diffraction Peak and the Role of Multimeson Interactions
11. Effect of Annihilation on Peripheral Nucleon-Antinucleon Interactions
D.S. Chernavskii
JETP, 1964, Vol. 18, No. 4, p. 1072
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12. On Nonlinear Quantization of a Spinor Equation
13. Nucleon-Nucleon Interactions at E \approx 10^{11} ev
14. Nucleon-Nucleon Interaction at an Energy of 9 Bev
15. On the Interference Between the Amplitudes of Inelastic Processes
16. π-p Interaction at 7 Bev
17. Application of the Pole Method to the Analysis of Experimental Data on πp Interactions
18. The Bethe-Salpeter Equation and Role of "Central" Interactions
19. Generation of Heavy Particle Pairs
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