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1. The Hall Effect in Bismuth Under Pressures up to 30,000 Kg/cm2
2. Measurement of the Velocity of Sound in Liquids under Pressure up to 2500 Atmospheres by an Optical Method
3. The Phase Diagram for Cerium
4. Phase Transitions in Tellurium at High Pressures
5. Polymorphic Transition in Sodium Chloride Under Pressure
6. Phase Transitions in Antimony at High Pressures
7. Phase Transition in MnF2 at High Pressure
8. Phase Transition in Germanium Telluride at High Pressures
9. Phase Transitions in TeO4 at High Pressures
10. Polymorphism of MnF2 at High Pressures and Temperatures
11. Investigation of the Crystal Structure of Antimony at High Pressures
12. Melting Curves of Graphite, Tungsten, and Platinum up to 60 Kbar
13. Conditions for the Formation and Existence of a MnF2 Phase with α-PbO2 Structure
14. Investigation of the Crystal Structure of the Antimony and Bismuth High Pressure Phases
15. Polymorphic Transformations in the Antimony-bismuth System at High Pressure
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