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1. Differential and Integral Cross Sections for the Loss and Capture of Electrons by Singly Charged Argon Ions at 250-1400 keV Energies
2. Dissociation of Molecular Hydrogen Ions in Collisions with Gas Molecules
3. Electron Loss and Capture by 200 - 1500 kev Helium Ions in Various Gased
4. Distribution of Charges in Ion Beams After Traversal of Gaseous Targets
5. Passage of Lithium Ions Through Condensed Targets
6. Differential and Integral Cross Sections for the Loss and Capture of Electrons by Fast N+, Ne+, and Ar+ Ions
7. Deep "Stripping" and Scattering of Kr+ Ions in Single Collisions with Ne, Ar, Kr, and Xe Atoms
8. Equilibrium Distributions of the Charge of Li, Na, and K Ions in Cd, Mg, and Zn Vapors
9. Ionization of Gases by Fast N+ and N2+ Ions
10. Many-electron Ionization in Close Collisions of Ar and Kr Ions and Atoms
11. Effect of Density and Aggregate State of Target on the Charge Composition of Lithium, Sodium, and Potassium Ion Beams
12. Cross Sections for Ionization of Gases by I-3-MeV Protons
13. Collisiops of Fast Li, Na, K Atoms and Ions with Alkali-metal and Inert-gas Atoms (20-155 keV)
14. Charge Exchange of Alkali Metal Ions in Alkali Metal Vapor and Inert Gases
15. Ionizing Collisions and Charge Exchange for Li+, Li2+, and Li3+ Ions in Gases (0.2-2MeV)
16. Ionization of Gases by He+ Ions with Energy 0.2-1.8 MeV
17. Composition of the slow ions produced upon ionization of gases by high energy protons
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