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1. Regge Poles in the Vector-meson Production Amplitude
2. Evidence for the ω \longrightarrow π0 + γ Decay
3. Regge Poles in Photoproduction Amplitude
4. On the Nucleon-Nucleon Potential
5. Pion Production by High-energy Muons in the Field of the Nucleus
6. A Diffraction Mechanism for the Process Inverse to the {\pi} \longrightarrow \mu + 
u Decay in the field of a Nucleus
Yu. P. Nikitin
JETP, 1963, Vol. 17, No. 3, p. 650
PDF (419.7K)

7. New Data on the Production of Neutral Pions in the Coulomb Field of the Nucleus
8. Scattering of K Mesons on Nucleons at Large Orbital Momenta
Yu. P. Nikitin
JETP, 1961, Vol. 13, No. 6, p. 1304
PDF (249.1K)

9. Inelastic Diffraction Processes at High Energies
10. π0-Meson Production in a Nuclear Coulomb Field
11. Nucleon-nucleon Scattering in the Two-meson Approximation with Account of Pion-pion Interaction
12. Production of High-Energy π Meson Beams
13. Atomic Radiation in an Anisotropic Medium
14. Production of Pion Pairs from Nuclei by High-Energy Neutrinos
15. Quantization of the Electromagnetic Field in a Dispersive Medium
16. Electromagnetic Radiation in a Moving Medium
17. Check on the heavy-lepton hypothesis by means of the hadron spectra of the reaction e+e- →L+L-
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