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1. Quantum Oscillation of the Thermal Emf in n-Type InSb
2. The Effect of Electron Spin on the Quantum Oscillations of the Galvanomagnetic Coefficients of n-type InSb
3. New Data on the Magnetophonon Oscillation of the Longitudinal Magnetoresistance of n-type InSb
4. Concerning a New Type of Oscillation of the Longitudinal Magnetoresistance of n-type InSb
5. An Experimental Confirmation of Magnetophonon Resonance in n-Type InSb
6. Thermal EMF and Thermomagnetic Properties of Bismuth at Low Temperatures
7. Quantum Oscillations of the Photoelectric Coefficients of n-type InSb in a Strong Magnetic Field
8. Investigation of the Phenomena of Charge and Heat Transfer in Yttrium Single Crystals at Low Temperatures
9. Energy Scheme of the Tellurium Valence Band
10. Role of Normal Processes in Phonon Thermal Conductivity of Bi
11. Electron Heat Conductivity and the Wiedemann-Franz Law for Bi
12. Superconductivity of Some Alloys of the Tungsten-rhenium-carbon System
13. The Shubnikov-De Haas Effect in Tellurium
14. Effect of antiferromagnetic ordering on electron kinetic phenomena in dysprosium monosulfide
15. Thermal conductivity of pure vanadium in normal, superconducting, and mixed states
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