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1. On the Statistical Interpretations of Quantum Theory
2. On the Theory of Non-Equilibrium Statistical Processes
3. The Effect of Electrical Fluctuations on a Vacuum Tube Oscillator
4. Entropy in Quantum Statistics
5. The Entropy of Systems with a Random Number of Particles
6. Contribution to the Quantum Nonlinear Theory of Thermal Fluctuations
7. Fluctuations in liquid crystals near the liquid-nematic phase transition
8. Spatial correlation function of thermal fluctuations in cholesteric liquid crystals
9. Dynamical calculation of the spontaneous decay constant of a cluster of identical atoms
10. A purely dynamic theory of the spontaneous dissociation of polyatomic molecules
11. H-theorem in the Boltzmann approximation for bimolecular chemical reactions
12. The H-theorem in the Boltzmann approximation for association and dissociation reactions for the case of quantum internal states of molecules
13. On the applicability of the theory of quantum Markov processes to Brownian motion
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