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1. Slowing-Down Time of Nonequilibrium Current Carriers in Semiconductors
2. Semiconductor Amplifiers and Generators with Carriers Having Negative Effective Mass
3. Concerning the Radiative Correction to the μ-Meson Magnetic Moment
4. Conditions for Heating up of a Plasma by the Radiation from an Optical Generator
5. Optical Excitation of Semiconductors
6. Possibility of Using Indirect Transitions to Obtain Negative Temperatures in Semiconductors
7. Use of Indirect Transitions in Semiconductors for the Determination of States with Negative Absorption Coefficients
8. Production of Negative-Temperature States in p-n Junctions of Degenerate Semiconductors
9. Negative Conductivity in Induced Transitions
10. Heating of Matter by Focused Laser Radiation
11. Semiconductor Quantum Generator with Two-photon Optical Excitation
12. Heating and Decay of Plasma Produced by a Giant Laser Pulse Focused on a Solid Target
13. Self-consistent Regime of Heating of Matter by a Laser Pulse Under Conditions of Nonequilibrium Ionization
14. Gas Dynamics of Laser Plasma in the Course of Heating
15. Cascade Ionization of a Gas by a Powerful Ultrashort Pulse of Light
16. A Powerful Laser Setup and Investigation of the Efficiency of High Temperature Heating of a Plasma
17. Vaporization of Matter Exposed to Laser Emission
18. Cascade Ionization of a Gas during Optical Breakdown in a Wide Range of Radiation Fluxes
19. High Temperature Effects on Intense Laser Emission Focused on a Solid Target
20. Photochemical decomposition waves
21. Compression of hollow microspheres by laser radiation
22. Stationary model of the "corona" of spherical laser targets
23. Interaction between laser radiation and a plasma corona at flux densities 1014-1015 W/cm2
24. Kinetic Processes in a Laser Plasma
25. Anomalous interaction of strong laser radiation with dense plasma
26. Directivity of scattered light and x rays in a laser plasma
27. Theoretical study of the hydrodynamics of spherical targets taking the refraction of the laser radiation into account
28. Generation of the (3/2)ω0 harmonic of the neodymium-laser radiation during the heating of spherical targets
29. Investigation of 2ω0-harmonic generation in a laser plasma
30. Absorption and reflection of laser radiation by a dispersing high-temperature plasma
31. Hydrodynamic model of plasma "corona" produced when a charged-particle beam acts on a target
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