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1. Atomic Excitation by Monoenergetic Electron Beams
2. Ionization of Alkali Metal Atoms by Slow Electrons
3. Inelastic Collisions of Slow Alkali or Alkaline-Earth Ions with Cadmium Atoms
4. Absolute Measurements of the Excitation Functions for the K II Lines Generated by Collisions between K+ Ions and Helium Atoms
5. Absolute Measurements of Excitation Functions for K II Lines Produced in Collisions between K+ Ions and Ne Atoms
6. Excitation function for the spectral lines of Na, K, Rb, and Cs ions in the vacuum ultraviolet
7. Experimental Investigation of the Excitation of Ar II and Kr II in Electron-ion Collision
8. Resonant charge exchange of alkali-earth ions
9. lnvestigation of resonances in the total cross sections for excitation of mercury atoms by slow monoenergetic electrons
10. Excitation of the Mg+, Ca+, Sr+, and Ba+ resonance levels in electron-ion collisions
11. Excitation of resonance levels of alkali metal atoms by electron impact
12. Resonance effects in inelastic collisions of slow electrons with cadmium and zinc atoms
13. Ultrasoft x-ray study of the s-ionization mechanism for noble gases
14. Continuous emission of radiation under ion bombardment of some transition metal
15. Observation and study of two-electron multiphoton ionization of atoms
16. Effects of negative-ion formation and post-collision interaction in collisions between magnesium atoms and electrons
17. Structure of the cross sections for the excitation of alkaline-earth metal ions by monoenergetic electrons
18. Inelastic collisions of electrons with noble-gas ions
19. Resonance effects in the inelastic interactions of slow electrons with alkali metal ions
20. Experimental investigations of radiative decay of autoionizing states of alkali and alkaline earth elements
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