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1. Calculation of the Pion-deuteron Scattering Length
2. Cross Section for Deuteron Disintegration by π Mesons Near Threshold
3. Pion-Deuteron Scattering Length
4. Nuclear level shift in the (p\bar{p}) atom
5. On the change in the behavior of formfactors of compound systems as high transferred momenta are approached asymptotically
6. Nuclear Ievel shift and radiative transitions in a proton-antiproton atom
7. Soliton interaction with an impurity in the λ φ42 theory
8. Theory of the interaction of Q-ball solitons
9. Zel'dovich effect in atomic and nuclear physics
10. Shallow nuclear levels and radiative transitions in hadronic atoms
11. Theory of nuclear level shifts in hadronic atoms
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