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1. Paramagnetic Resonance in Potassium Ozonide
2. Spin-Lattice Relaxationin Chromium Corundum
3. Investigation of the Line Width and Shape in the Paramagnetic Resonance Spectrum of the Cr+++ Ion in Corundum Single Crystals
4. The Fine Structure of the Spectrum of the Paramagnetic Resonance of the Ion Cr3+ in Chromium Corundum
5. A Chromium Corundum Paramagnetic Amplifier and Generator
6. Hyperfine Structure of the Paramagnetic Resonance Spectrum of 53Cr3+ in Al2O3
7. Determination of Nuclear Moments of Gd155 and Gd157 from the Hyperfine Structure of Paramagnetic Resonance
8. Relaxation Processes in the Paramagnetic Resonance of Gd3+ in CaF2
9. EPR Spectrum and Spin-lattice Relaxation of Cr3+ and Fe3+ in Single-crystal Zinc Tungstate
10. Paramagnetic Resonance of Mn2+ in SrS
11. Temperature Dependence of Spin-Lattice Relaxation Times
12. Spin-Lattice Relaxation and Cross-Relaxation Interactions in Chromium Corundum
13. Relaxation Phenomena in the Paramagnetic Resonance of Mn2+ Ions in the Cubic Crystal Field of SrS
14. Transients in Three-level Masers
15. Theory of Relaxation in Inhomogeneously Broadened EPR Lines
16. Nonlinear Scattering of Light in Inhomogeneous Media
17. Surface Damage of Ruby Crystals by Laser Radiation
18. Paramagnetic Relaxation Processes in Al(NO3)3•9H2O:Fe3+ Single Crystals at Helium Temperatures
19. Nonlinear Scattering of Light by Small Inhomogeneitigs in Corundum Crystals
20. Relaxation in Inhomogeneougly Broadened EPR Lines
21. Microwave breakdown and exciton condensation in germanium
22. Theory of avalanche ionization induced in transparent dielectrics by an electromagnetic field
23. High-frequency breakdown of excitons and kinetics of free carriers and excitons in germanium in the presence of electron-hole drops
24. The Role of Absorbing Impurities in Laser-induced Damage of Transparent Dielectrics
25. Rayleigh scattering intensity and radiationless losses from the metastable state of Nd3+ in laser silicate glasses
26. Investigation of mechanisms of damage to semiconductors by high-power infrared laser radiation
27. Statistical features of avalanche ionization of wide-gap insulators by laser radiation under conditions of shortage of initiating electrons
28. Laser induced breakdown of alkali-halide crystals
29. Avalanche ionization produced in solids by large radiation quanta and relative role of multiphoton ionization in laser-induced breakdown
30. Multiphoton and impurity photoconductivity of alkali halide crystals excited by picosecond laser pulses
31. Optoacoustic study of nonlinear absorption of ultraviolet laser radiation by alkali-halide crystals during the generation of nonequilibrium carriers
32. Experimental investigation of the photoconductivity of wide-band insulators excited by ultraviolet laser radiation
33. Investigation of exciton condensation in nonuniformly deformed germanium using cyclotron resonance and microwave conductivity
34. Self-focusing of laser beams at various spatial profiles of the incident radiation
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