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1. Diffraction Scattering of High-Energy Photons by Nuclei
2. Ionizational Slowing Down of High-Energy Electron Positron Pairs
3. Scattering of K Mesons with Change of Intrinsic Parity
4. Concerning the Radiative Correction to the μ-Meson Magnetic Moment
5. Angular Correlation in Cascade Decay of Hyperons
6. Correlative Phenomena in K-Meson Capture
7. Formation of a μ-Meson Pair in Positron Annihilation
8. Asymptotic Behavior of Electromagnetic Vacuum-Polarization in the Presence of Meson Interactions
9. The Polariezation of the Internal-Conversion Electrons Emitted after β-Decay
10. Nuclear Orientation in Radiative K Capture
11. Anomalous Magnetic Moments of the Muon and of the Electron
12. Photoproduction of π Mesons on Nucleons in Peripheral Collisions
13. Asymptotic Behavior of Scattering Amplitudes and the "Ghost" Problem of the Vaccum Regge Trajectory
14. Higher Moments of the Charge and Magnetic Moment Distributions of Nucleons
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