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1. Disintegration of Light Nuclei in a Coulomb Field
2. Inelastic Scattering of Nucleons on Mg24 and Si28 Nuclei
3. On the Rotational Levels of Li7
4. On the Structure of the Be9 Nucleus
5. Alpha-Deuteron Model of the Li6 Nucleus
6. Angular Distribution of Inelastically Scattered Deuterons
7. Photoproduction of Strange Particles on Protons
8. Investigation of the Be9(dn)B10 Nuclear Reaction
9. The Inelastic Scattering of Deuterons by Mg24
10. Resonance Scattering of Gamma Quanta by Li7
11. High Energy Photodisintegration of Be9 and C12 Nuclei
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