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1. Pion Production in Zero Isotopic Spin Nuclei
2. The \mu {\rightarrow} e + \gamma and \mu {\rightarrow} e + 
u +\bar{
u} + \gamma Decays
3. Production of Positive π-Mesons in Hydrogen by 660 MEV Protons
4. Production of Negative π Mesons by 660 Mev Protons on Nuclei of Various Elements
5. Energy Spectrum and Angular Distributions of π+ Mesons Produced in Proton-Proton Collisions at 660-670 Mev
6. Bremsstrahlung from a Mesons Interacting with Nuclei
7. Interaction of 80 to 300 Mev π+ Mesons with Light Nuclei
8. An Investigation of the \pi + p \longrightarrow n + {\pi}^0 Charge Exchange Scattering and the {\pi}^{-} + p \longrightarrow n + {\eta}({\eta} {\longrightarrow} 2\gamma) Reaction in the 1.55-4.5 BeV/c Region
9. Search for the Decay \omega \longrightarrow e^{+} + e^{-}
10. Evidence for the ω \longrightarrow π0 + γ Decay
11. Production of π0 Mesons in Collisions between 2.8-Bev/c π- Mesons and Protons
12. Asymmetry in the Decay of Λ0 Hyperons Generated by 2.8-Bev/c Negative Pions, Determined by Observations in a Freon Bubble Chamber
13. New Data on the Production of Neutral Pions in the Coulomb Field of the Nucleus
14. Production of Y0(Λ, Σ0) and K0-Particles on Light Nuclei by 2.8-Bev/c Pions
15. Search for Resonances in the K^{0}\bar{K}^{0} Pair-production Reaction
16. π0-Meson Production in a Nuclear Coulomb Field
17. Elastic Back Scattering of 2.8-Bev/c π- Mesons on Neutrons
18. Polarization of Lambda Hyperons Generated on Light Nuclei by Negative 2.8-Bev/c Pions
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