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1. Relaxation of spin waves with small wave vectors
2. Damping of sound in antiferromagnets of the easy-plane type with a high Neel temperature
3. On absorption of sound in ferrodielectrics
4. Relaxation processes in ferromagnetic metals
5. Stationary weakly turbulent distributions in a spin-wave system
6. Kinetic instability of first order spin waves in ferrite
7. Effects of finite correlation radius of dielectric-constant fluctuations for waves propagating in randomly-inhomogeneous media
8. Nonequilibrium distributions of quasiparticles produced by parametric excitation of magnons in an antiferromagnet with a decay spectrum
9. Effect of boundaries in momentum space on energy and particle-number fluxes in a weak turbulence regime
10. Investigation of the interaction between nonequilibrium phonons and nuclear spin waves in antiferromagnetic CsMnF3
11. Effect of paramagnetic impurity on spin-spin and spin-lattice relaxation of 57Fe nuclei in hematite
12. Dynamic properties of the nuclear subsystem in antiferromagnets
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