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1. Instability of Poiseuille flow of a nematic fluid
2. Electrohydrodynamic instability in nematic liquid crystals
3. New type of high-frequency instability in nematic liquid crystals
4. Instability of cholesteric liquid crystals in an electric field
5. Flexoelectric effect and polarization properties of chiral smectic C liquid crystal
6. Rotational viscosity of the smectic C* phase of ferroelectric liquid crystals
7. Flexoelectric polarization of a ferroelectric smectic liquid crystal
8. Flexoelectric effect in twisted liquid-crystal structures
9. Electrohydrodynamic instability in homeotropically oriented layers of nematic liquid crystals
10. New type of Freedericksz transition in nematic liquid crystals
11. Undamped domain structure oscillations in nematic liquid crystals in dc and ac electric fields
12. New type of boundary conditions for orientation deformations In homeotroplc layers of nematic liquid crystals
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