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1. Single-Particle Excitations in a Non-Degenerate Gas
2. The Effect of Electron Spin on the Quantum Oscillations of the Galvanomagnetic Coefficients of n-type InSb
3. Spin-magnetophonon Resonance and the Magnetoresistance Oscillations Produced by it in Semiconductors
4. Role of Optical Phonons in Interband Magnetooptical Absorption of Superconductors
5. Effect of Spatial Dispersion of Optical Phonons on Interband Magnetooptic Absorption in Semiconductors
6. Inductive and Deformation Absorption of Sound in Conductors
7. Theory of Electron Dragging by Phonons in a Magnetic Field
8. Long-wave secondary radiation in polar semiconductors
9. Outgoing excitonic resonance in resonant Raman scattering in a magnetic field
10. Spatial correlation of an electron and a hole in a quasi-two-dimensional gas and its relationship to the scattering tensor
11. Monomolecular exciton creation processes in polar semiconductors in a strong magnetic field
12. Oscillation effects in metals in a magnetic field and macroscopic quantum interference
13. Multiphonon resonant Raman scattering of light in quasi-two-dimensional electron systems
14. Analytic expression for the cross section for two-phonon resonant Raman scattering of light
15. Exciton diffusion and the mechanism of exciton momentum scattering in semiconductors
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