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1. Vibration-rotation Interaction in Deformed Nuclei
2. Spontaneous Emission of Gamma Quanta From Crystals
3. Electron diffraction in a strong field by dielectric crystals
4. Interaction between neutrons and matter in the field of a strong electro-magnetic wave
5. Stimulated photoassociation in the field of an intense electromagnetic wave
6. Quasielastic scattering of slow particles by thin films
7. Emission of radiation by a system of identical excited three-level emitters
8. Temporal theory of resonant gamma-ray scattering from a nuclear isomer: calculation of scattering interaction time
9. Intensity interferometry for fermions
10. Relativistic scattering of Mössbauer γ rays by moving inhomogeneities in a medium
11. Space-time interference of spontaneously emitted photons
12. Averaged spin orientation in amorphous Fe81B19 systems under uniaxial compression
13. Coherent effects in fermion emission
14. Nuclear reactions in a laser-radiation field
15. Polarization and angular distribution of Cherenkov and transition radiations in the field of a strong electromagnetic wave
16. Induced transition radiation in the field of a strong electromagnetic wave
17. Mixing of the levels of a compound nucleus in the field of a light wave
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