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1. M1-Transition in V51 and the Seniority Quantum Number
N.N. Delyagin, M. Preisa
JETP, 1959, Vol. 9, No. 5, p. 1127
PDF (160K)

2. Resonance Scattering of Gamma Rays by Cd114
N.N. Delyagin
JETP, 1960, Vol. 10, No. 5, p. 837
PDF (536.9K)

3. Resonance Scattering of Gamma Rays by Se76
N.N. Delyagin
JETP, 1960, Vol. 11, No. 4, p. 803
PDF (392.2K)

4. Investigation of the Decay Scheme of As76 by the γ-γ Coincidence Method
5. The Mössbauer Effect on Sn119 Nuclei In Gold, Platinum, and Thallium Matrices
6. The Mössbauer Effect in Binary Tin Compounds
7. The Mössbauer Effect on Sn119 Nuclei in a Vanadium Matrix
8. Hyperfine Structure of Gamma Rays Produced by Quadrupole Interaction in a Crystal Lattice
9. Nuclear Zeeman Effect in Sn119
10. Effect of Temperature on Hyperfine Structure of Gamma Radiation
11. Energy Shifts of Gamma Transitions Observed in Resonance Absorption of Gamma Quanta in Crystals
12. Quadrupole Interaction and Isomeric Shifts of the 23.8-keV Gamma Transition in Sn119 in Organic Tin Compounds
13. Effect of γ Radiation on the Shape of Mössbauer Resonance Absorption Spectra in Tin-organic Compounds
14. Magnetic Moment of the 23.8-keV Excited State of Sn119
15. Observation of the Mössbauer Effect in a Tin-Containing Polymer
16. Resonance Absorption of 23.8-kev Gamma Quanta by Sn119 Nuclei in Crystals
17. Isomer Shifts for the 23.8-kev Gamma Transition in Sn119
18. Relation Between the Isomer Shifts for the 23.8-keV Gamma Transition of Sn119 in Metallic Solid Solutions and the Dynamical Properties of the Matrix
19. Mössbauer Effect on Sn119 Impurity Nuclei in Binary Metallic Solid Solutions
20. Magnetic Hyperfine Interaction for Tin Atoms in Metallic Ferro- and Antiferromagnets with BCC Structure
21. Magnetic Fields on Co60 and Sn119 Nuclei and Electron Polarization in CoPd and FePd Alloys
22. Temperature Dependence of the Magnetic Hyperfine Interaction for Impurity Atoms in Metallic Ferromagnets
23. Magnetic Hyperfine Interaction for Impurity Sn119 Atoms in the Ferro- and Antiferromagnetic Alloy FeRh
24. Some Regularities of the Magnetic Fields at Nuclei of Impurity Atoms in Ferromagnetic Substances
25. Influence of pressure on effective magnetic fields at tin impurity nuclei in iron and nickel
26. Isomeric shift and magnetic hyperfine interaction for Sn in Ni in the critical temperature region
27. Hyperfine magnetic fields at the 57 and 119Sn nuclei in the antiferromagnet FeSn2 under pressure
28. Magnetic hyperfine interaction of 119Sn impurity atoms in ordered alloys of iron with palladium and platinum. Radial dependence of the partial contributions to the magnetic hyperfine field
29. Temperature dependence of magnetic hyperfine fields in the metallic ferromagnets Rh3FeSn and Rh2CoSn
30. Magnetic hyperfine interaction of 119Sn impurity atoms in hexagonal Fe3Ge
31. Hyperfine interactions for tin-119 impurity atoms in antiferromagnetic FeGe
32. Exchange and hyperfine interaction in AuFe alloys around the percolation threshold
33. Exchange and hyperfine interactions in the magnetic intermetallic compounds R2ln
34. Temperature dependence and anisotropy of the hyperfine interaction for 119Sn impurity atoms in ferrimagnetic Mn2Sb
35. Mössbauer isomer shifts of 119Sn in metals and alloys
36. Anisotropic hyperfine interaction for 119Sn impurity atoms in the ferrimagnet TmFe2
37. Magnetic hyperfine interaction for Sn impurity atoms in RAl2 ferromagnetic intermetallides: Spin and orbit contributions to the hyperfine field
38. Magnetic hyperfine field for Sn-119 impurity atoms in gadolinium intermetallides
39. Hyperfine interaction for 119Sn impurity atoms in the ferromagnetic intermetallic compound GdAI2
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