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1. Variation of the connectivity of the electron constant-energy surface in Bi under pressure
2. Magnetic properties of epitaxial YBa2Cu3Ox films
3. NMR study of the perovskite-like compounds {\rm Ba_{2}ScCuO_{4.5}}, {\rm Ba_{3}Sc_{4}Cu_{3}O_{12}}, and {\rm Ba_{2}Sc_{2}O_{5}}
4. Investigation of pinning and dissipative processes in the YBa2Cu3O7-x superconducting system
5. Anisotropy in the upper critical field and Hall effect of CeCu2Si2 in the coherent regime
6. Pressure-induced restructuring of energy spectrum of GaSb:Te
7. Study of impurity donor states in GaSb\langleSe\rangle
8. Electrical and magnetic properties of the compounds CexLa1-xCu2Si2 (0{\le}x{\le}1)
9. lnvestigation of electric and magnetic properties of the semimagnetic semiconductors Hg1-xMnx Te at low and infralow temperatures
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