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1. Collective oscillations and instability of a single-frequency state of parametrically excited waves
2. Highly anisotropic distributions of parametrically excited waves in near-isotropic media
3. Energy absorption in a ferrite beyond the kinetic instability threshold
4. Kinetic instability of first order spin waves in ferrite
5. Parallel pumping of spin waves with a magnetic-field drift
6. Accumulation of the relaxation products of a stationary magnon packet
V.B. Cherepanov
JETP, 1986, Vol. 64, No. 1, p. 136
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7. Nonequilibrium distributions of quasiparticles produced by parametric excitation of magnons in an antiferromagnet with a decay spectrum
8. Parametric excitation of spin waves under conditions of frequency drift
9. Instability of parametrically excited spin waves interacting with acoustic waves
10. Nonlinear theory of the "kinetic" excitation of waves
11. "Kinetic" instability of a strongly nonequilibrium system of spin waves and tunable radiation of a ferrite
12. Magnon interaction and relaxation in yttrium iron garnet, a twenty-sublattice ferromagnet
13. Parametric excitation of spin waves by noise modulation of their frequencies
14. Spin-wave spectra and thermodynamics of yttrium iron garnet-a twenty-sublattice ferrimagnet
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