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1. The Theory of μ+-meson Depolarization with Allowance for the Process of Charge Exchange or Formation of Unstable Chemical Compounds
2. Two-frequency Precession of Muonium in a Magnetic Field
3. Theory of μ+-meson Depolarization During Charge Exchange in Transverse Magnetic Fieids
4. Contribution to the Theory of the Chemical Reactions of Muonium
5. Possible Experimental Investigation of Periodic Structures in Superconductors of the Second Kind with the Aid of Muons
6. Study of the Muonium Stage of Depolarization of μ+ Mesons in Potassium Chloride
7. On the theory of precession of the polarization vector of μ- mesons in mu-nucleonic atoms
8. The effects of electrolytes on the depolarization of positive muons
9. Calculation of Intermolecular Interaction Forces Between Bodies Separated by a Film of a Strong Electrolyte Solution
10. Concerning the existence of muonium in metals
11. Analysis of the behavior of the polarization of the μ+ meson of muonium atoms in diamond-structure crystals
12. Anomalous muonium in diamond-structure crystals
13. Theory of the behavior of the magnetic moment of the μ+ meson when muonium is produced in a normal metal
14. Muon acoustic resonance in semiconductors and dielectrics
15. Theory of muon spin relaxation in condensed phases of hydrogen isotopes
16. Theory of the muon technique for the study of solid and liquid hydrogen
17. Depolarization of positive muons in solid hydrogen
18. Polarization precession and relaxation of positive muons in polycrystals and single crystals with diamond or zincblende structure
19. Contribution to the theory of the muon method of spin-glass investigation
20. New method of studying the properties of normal metals by∑a muon technique
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