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1. Velocity of domain boundary motion
2. Limiting velocities and types of magnetic moment waves
3. Exact solutions of the Landau-Lifshitz equations for weak ferromagnets
4. Accidental degeneracy of self-localized solutions of the Landau-Lifshitz equations
5. A new conservation law for the Landau-Lifshitz equations
6. Motion of domain walls in an external magnetic field
7. Equidistant spectra of anharmonic oscillators
8. Branching bifurcations of vector envelope solitons and integrability of Hamiltonian systems
9. Change in domain-wall energy in a simple model of a structural transition
10. New examples of topological solitons in magnetically disordered media
11. Generation of periodic trains of picoseconld pulses in an optical fiber: exact solutions
12. Exactly solvable models for two-sublattice magnets
13. Integrable models in the problem for particle motion in a two-dimensional potential well
14. New cases of integrability of the Landau-Lifshitz equations
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