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1. Resonance size effect in high-frequency conductivity of thin metallic plates in the absence of a static magnetic field
2. Fluctuations in a system of parametrically excited magnons
A.S. Mikhailov
JETP, 1975, Vol. 42, No. 2, p. 267
PDF (323.7K)

3. Noise-induced phase transition and the percolation problem for fluctuating media with diffusion
4. Stochastic self-oscillations in parametric excitation of spin waves
5. Parametric excitation of spin waves by noise pumping
6. On the possibility of stimulated generation of spin waves in magnetics with paramagnetic impurities
7. Vortex rings in excitable media
8. Fluctuation phenomena in systems with diffusion-controlled reactions
9. Auto-waves in magnetic superconductors
10. Quantum theory of spin-wave relaxation by two-level impurities
11. Electromagnetic-wave emission in parametric excitation of magnons in antiferromagnets
12. Critical phenomena in media with random breeding centers
13. Processes of spin-wave relaxation on paramagnetic impurities in antiferromagnets
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