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1. Influence of Laser Field Polarization on Nonlinear Interference Effects
2. Polarization Phenomena and Nonlinear Interference Effects with Allowance for Collisions
3. Saturation Effects for Long-lived Systems in Spatially Bounded Fields
4. Velocity distribution relaxation due to inelastic collisions
5. Experimental investigation of spontaneous emission by neon in the presence of a strong monochromatic field
6. Effect of Selective Collisions on the Velocity Distribution of Atoms and on Nonlinear Interference Effects
7. Determination of the relaxation characteristics by a polarization method in nonlinear spectroscopy
A.M. Shalagin
JETP, 1977, Vol. 46, No. 1, p. 50
PDF (389.6K)

8. Undisplaced resonant scattering line of strong quasimonochromatic field
A.M. Shalagin
JETP, 1977, Vol. 45, No. 5, p. 931
PDF (269.8K)

9. Broadening of nonlinear resonances by velocity-changing collisions
10. Theory of optically induced diffusion of gases
11. Collision anisotropy and impact contour of spectral lines
12. Diffusive suction and extrusion of atoms by a light field
13. White light-induced drift of particles with a hyperfine splitting of levels
14. Resonance of quantum beats in a system of magnetic sublevels of the ground electronic state of molecules
15. Investigation of light-induced drift of sodium vapor
16. Light-induced diffusion pulling of sodium vapor into a light beam
17. Light-induced current in sodium vapor
18. Interaction of intense radiation with classically rotating atoms or molecules
19. Gas drift induced by nonmonochromatic light
20. Effects of field-induced splltting of levels having high angular momenta
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