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1. Hydrothermomagnetic Waves in a Weakly Inhomogeneous Plasma
2. Thermomagnetic Waves in a Solid Body
3. Nonlinear Theory of Thermomagnetic Waves
4. High-field Domains in Gunn Diodes with Two Kinds of Carriers
5. Impurity States in Zero Gap Semiconductors
6. Magnetophonon concentration oscillations in zero-gap semiconductors
7. Three-band Kane model and Auger recombination
B.L. Gel'mont
JETP, 1978, Vol. 48, No. 2, p. 268
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8. Bound states of a heavy hole and a phonon in the case of a valence band with a degeneracy point
9. The magnetopolaron effect in acceptor bound states in semimagnetic semiconductors
10. Bound-exciton Auger recombination induced by acoustic phonons
11. Resonant scattering in gapless semiconductors
12. Optical absorption and band structure PbTe
13. Theory of impurity states in a zero-gap semiconductor
14. Electron scattering in a zero-gap semiconductor
15. Energy spectrum and quasibound Coulomb states of light holes in germanium in a magnetic field
16. Energy spectrum of the ground state of donors in germanium with allowance for spin
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