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1. Magnetic Anisotropy of the Disordered Alloy Ni3Mn at Helium Temperatures
2. Temperature Dependence of the Hall Effect of Pure Ferromagnets
3. Peculiarities of Magnetization of the Disordered Ni3Mn Alloy at Low Temperatures
4. Hall Effect in Pure Nickel at Helium Temperatures
5. Some Features of the Temperature Dependence of the Electrical Resistance of Gadolinium and Ytterbium at Low Temperatures
6. The Fermi Surface of Tungsten
7. Temperature Dependence of the Electrical Resistance of Cobalt Between 1.3 and 4.2^{\circ}K
8. Temperature Dependence of the Electrical Conductivity and Hall Effect of Dysprosium and Erbium
9. Electrical Conductivity of Dilute Solutions of Transition Metals in Platinum
10. Anisotropy Of the Hall Effect in Gadolinium
11. Thermal Conductivity of Tm, Yb, and Lu at Low Temperatures
12. Thermal Conductivity of Gd and Tb at Low Temperatures
13. Galvanomagnetic Properties of Molybdenum Crystals in Strong Effective Fields
14. Anisotropy of the Hall Effect in Dysprosium
15. De Haas-Van Alphen Effect in Iridium
16. Role of Interelectron Collisions in the Electric Resistance of Transition Metals
17. Electron-magnon Scattering in an Erbium Single Crystal
18. Paramagnetic Susceptibility of Yttrium and Rhenium Single Crystals
19. The Fermi Surface of Iridium
20. Magnetic Properties of a Eu3O4 Single Crystal at Low Temperatures
21. Localized spin fluctuations and singularities of the electric resistance of Tix-V1-x alloys
22. Effect of spin fluctuations on the superconducting and normal properties of alloys of Ti containing V, Nb, or Ta
23. Heat capacity of Pt3MnxFe1-x alloys
24. Quadratic temperature dependence of the resistivity of tungsten single crystals. Role of surface scattering of electrons
25. Magnetic susceptibility of transition-metal alloys with the hcp structure
26. Kinetic properties of ruthenium under magnetic-breakdown conditions. Galvanomagnetic effects
27. Characteristics of galvanomagnetic properties of compensated metals under static skin effect conditions in strong magnetic fields (tungsten)
28. Temperature dependences of the Hall and magnetoresistance coefficients of vanadium and tantalum single crystals: Anisotropy of electron-phonon scattering
29. Galvanomagnetic and thermomagnetic properties of osmium in high magnetic fields
30. Thermoelectric power of PdMn alloys: the phonon-drag effect
31. Heat capacity of alloys with interacting magneticorder parameter
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