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1. Impurity Band and Conductivity of Compensated Semiconductors
2. Hopping Conductivity of Semiconductors in Strong Magnetic Fields
B.I. Shklovskii
JETP, 1972, Vol. 34, No. 5, p. 1084
PDF (741.5K)

3. Transition from Metallic to Activation Conductivity in Compensated Semiconductors
4. Absorption of Ultrasound in Dielectric Crystals with High Impurity Concentrations
5. Completely Compensated Crystalline Semiconductor as a Model of an Amorphous Semiconductor
6. Band Tailing and Absorption of light in Semiconductors
7. Interband Absorption of Light in Strongly Doped Semiconductors
8. Localization of electrons in a magnetic field
9. The relation between the critical exponents of percolation theory
10. Electric fields in a weakly doped compensated semiconductor
11. Elementary excitations in disordered systems with localized electrons
12. Critical behavior of the Hall coefficient near the percolation threshold
B.I. Shklovskii
JETP, 1977, Vol. 45, No. 1, p. 152
PDF (263.1K)

13. Theory of low-temperature photoconductivity and photoluminescence in amorphous semiconductors
14. Repulsion between energy levels and the metal-insulator transition
15. Nonradiative recombination in noncrystalline semiconductors
16. A novel tunneling recombination regime for photocarriers in amorphous semiconductors
17. Repulsion of energy levels and conductivity of small metal samples
18. Tunnel hopping in disordered systems
19. Zero-phonon ac hopping conductivity of disordered systems
20. Density of localized states in the surface impurity band of a metal-insulator-semiconductor structure
21. Screening in a system with localized electrons
22. Anomalous electron tunneling In a magnetic field near a surface
23. Tunnel transparency of disordered systems in a magnetic field
24. The resistor network model in the theory of hopping conductivity
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