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1. Anharmonicity Effects in the Theory of Local and Surface Oscillations
2. A new mechanism for superconductivity: pairing between spatially separated electrons and holes
3. Collective excitations of a heavy atom
4. Quasitwo-dimensional electron-hole liquid in strong magnetic fields
5. Mott exciton in a quasi-two-dimensional semiconductor in a strong magnetic field
6. Thermodynamics of electrons in a quantized semimetal film in strong magnetic fields
7. Effect of interband transitions on the current states in systems with electron-hole pairing
8. Localized magnetoplasma and spin excitations in a 2D electron system in a strong magnetic field
9. Dislocation melting of a 2D Wigner crystal in random fields
10. Anyon gas on a lattice
11. Lamb shift of Rydberg atoms in a cavity
12. The N-body problem and the 1/d expansion
13. Quantization of the Hall conductivity of a two-dimensional electron gas in a strong magnetic field
14. Melting of two-dimensional crystals
15. Two-dimensional electron-hole system in a strong magnetic field as an almost ideal exciton gas
16. The influence of correlation effects on phase transitions in quasi-two-dimensional semimetals in a strong magnetic field
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