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1. Interaction of a Quantum System with a Strong Field
2. Negative Absorption in Metal Vapors
3. Radiation Emitted by Atoms Moving in the Field of a Standing Wave
4. On the Theory of Quantum Generators
5. Molecular Photodissociation as a Means of Obtaining a Medium with a Negative Absorption Coefficient
6. Line Shape and Dispersion in the Vicinity of an Absorption Band, as Affected by Induced Transitions
7. On Evaluating the Polarization of an Atom in a Strong Electromagnetic Field
8. The Effect of Collisions on Spectral Characteristics of Gas Lasers
S.G. Rautian
JETP, 1967, Vol. 24, No. 4, p. 788
PDF (1082.2K)

9. Theoretical and Experimental Investigation of Radiation Pulsation from a CO2 Laser with a Nonlinear Absorbing Cell
10. Nonlinear Interference Effects in Spontaneous Emission with Allowance for Collisions
11. Kinetic Equation for the Density Matrix
12. Fluctuations of Radiation Buildup in Gas Lasers
13. Interaction of an Atom with a Strong Electromagnetic Field with the Recoil Effect Taken into Consideration
14. Influence of Laser Field Polarization on Nonlinear Interference Effects
15. Polarization Phenomena and Nonlinear Interference Effects with Allowance for Collisions
16. Field Splitting of the Potassium Violet Lines
17. Contribution to the Theory of Spontaneous Emission from Atoms in an External Field
18. Saturation Effects for Long-lived Systems in Spatially Bounded Fields
19. Nonlinear Interference Effects in Emission, Absorption, and Generation Spectra
20. Nonlinear Interference Effects in Emission, Absorption, and Generation Spectra [Vol. 30, 466 (1970)]
21. Resonant Radiative Processes
22. Investigation of Fine Structure of Potassium Emission Spectrum in Ruby Laser Field
23. Theory of a Gas Laser with Nonlinear Absorption
24. Interaction of Atom with Monochromatic Field in the Strong-collision Model
25. Field narrowing of spectral lines
26. lnvestigation of the four-photon resonance scattering of light
27. Experimental investigation of spontaneous emission by neon in the presence of a strong monochromatic field
28. Effect of Selective Collisions on the Velocity Distribution of Atoms and on Nonlinear Interference Effects
29. Nonlinear resonances of accelerated atoms and molecules
30. Laser detector of gravitational waves
31. Collapse of spectral structures caused by stimulated radiative polarization exchange
S.G. Rautian
JETP, 1996, Vol. 83, No. 2, p. 246
PDF (441.2K)

32. Broadening of nonlinear resonances by velocity-changing collisions
33. Cooperative effect in Raman scattering of light
34. Resonant cooperative scattering of light in field-induced splitting of atomic levels
35. Collision anisotropy and impact contour of spectral lines
36. Optical orientation and probefield spectroscopy of metastable atoms
37. Spontaneous transitions of polarization
S.G. Rautian
JETP, 1995, Vol. 81, No. 4, p. 651
PDF (472.5K)

38. Nonlinear spectroscopic phenomena caused by nonlinearity in the collision integral
S.G. Rautian
JETP, 1993, Vol. 76, No. 3, p. 386
PDF (454.7K)

39. Anisotropy of collisions and the Zeeman structure of nonlinear resonances
40. New method for calculating the phase shifts of the radial wave function in scattering by a spherically symmetric potential
41. Diffusion component of the profile of a nonlinear resonance in a three-level system
42. The nature of frequency-angular diffusion of powerful quasiresonant radiation
43. Nonstationary cooperative phenomena in resonance fluorescence
44. Investigation of cooperative Raman scattering of light
45. Investigation of effects of energy-level degeneracy in cooperative Raman scattering of light
46. Dynamic symmetry of charge-dipole interaction in scattering and relaxation
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