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Found 26 record(s)
1. Roton spectrum in superfluid He3-He4 solutions
V.V. Lebedev
JETP, 1976, Vol. 44, No. 3, p. 640
PDF (438.5K)

2. Deformation thermomagnetic effect
V.V. Lebedev
JETP, 1975, Vol. 40, No. 3, p. 577
PDF (152.1K)

3. Lagrange and Hamilton equations of hydrodynamics for anisotropic superfluid He3-A liquid
4. Hamiltonian hydrodynamics equations for a quantum fluid in the presence of solitons
5. Dynamic instability of a membrane tube
6. Interaction between first and second sound in He3-He4 solutions
V.V. Lebedev
JETP, 1977, Vol. 45, No. 6, p. 1169
PDF (163.2K)

7. Interaction between hydrodynamic modes in superfluid He3
V.V. Lebedev
JETP, 1979, Vol. 49, No. 1, p. 132
PDF (392.5K)

8. Orientational phase transitions in liquid crystals. Critical dynamics
9. Critical behavior of the size of a drop facet in the nematic-smectic A phase transition
10. Characteristics of the dynamics of ferromagnetic liquid crystals
11. Dynamics of micelles and vesicles
12. Fluctuation absorption of sound in compensated cholesterics
13. Dynamics of Langmuir films
14. Critical dynamics at the smectic-A-smectic-C phase transition
15. Large-scale dynamics of cholesterics and smectics C*
16. Theory of the smectic-A-smectic-C phase transition
17. Nonlinear dynamics of smectic liquid crystals with orientational ordering in the layer
18. Fluctuation corrections to the hydrodynamical equations of superfluid helium
19. Peculiarities of the dynamics of discotics
20. Fluctuation effects in macroscopic dynamics of two-dimensional ferromagnets
V.V. Lebedev
JETP, 1984, Vol. 60, No. 4, p. 851
PDF (199.5K)

21. Critical dynamics of uniaxial displacive ferroelectrics
V.V. Lebedev
JETP, 1984, Vol. 60, No. 3, p. 611
PDF (247.1K)

22. Nonlinear dynamics of smectic liquid crystals
23. A diagram technique for hydrodynamic fluctuations
24. The hydrodynamics of superfluid turbulence
25. Relativistic hydrodynamics of a superfluid
26. Fluctuation corrections to the hydrodynamics equations for antiferromagnets
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