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1. Influence of the Antiferromagnetic Ordering on the Optical Absorption Spectrum of Manganese Carbonate Crystals
2. Temperature Dependence of the Optical Absorption Bandwidth of MnF2 Crystals
3. Temperature Dependence of the Intensity of the Bands of "Cooperative" Light Absorption by Crystalline Oxygen
4. Zeeman Effect in the Optical Spectrum of Antiferromagnetic Crystals of MnF2
5. Excitation of Magnons and Phonons on Absorption of Light in Antiferromagnetic NiF2
6. Optical Absorption Spectra of Mn2+, Co2+, Ni2+ and Ho3+ in Antiferromagnetic Crystals
7. Magnetic Stratification During Flipping of Antiferromagnetic Manganese Fluoride Sublattices
8. Effect of Surface on the Magnetic Resistance of Bismuth
9. Faraday Effect in the Iron Garnet Y3Fe5O12:Ho3+
10. Dichroism and Magnetic Anisotropy of Erbium Iron Garnet
11. Spectrum of Alpha Oxygen in a Strong Magnetic Field
12. Temperature Dependence of the Magnetoresistance Anisotropy of Antimony
13. Dependence of the Critical Temperature and Energy Gap on the Thickness of Superconducting Aluminum Films
14. Faraday Effect and Reversal of Magnetic Sublattices of Rare-earth Iron Garnet
15. Shift of End-point Energy of Bismuth Electrons in a Magnetic Field
16. Peculiarities of the Exciton-magnon Interaction in Antiferromagnetic Crystals with the Perovskite Structure
17. Fine Structure of Exciton-magnon Absorption of Light in KMnF3
18. Exciton and Exciton-magnon Absorption in Antiferromagnetic CsMnF3
19. Temperature Dependence of the Magnetic Resistance of Aluminum
20. Electric Resistance of Thin Single-crystal Aluminum Plates
21. Effect of Electron-magnon Interaction on the Ni2+ Absorption Band in Magnetically Ordered Crystals
22. Anisotropy of the Zeeman Effect in Cubic Antiferromagnetic RbMnF3
23. Magnetic birefringence and the domain structure of antiferromagnetic cobalt carbonate
24. Multimagnon absorption of antiferromagnetic RbMnF3 in the optical spectrum
25. lnvestigation of orientation transitions and coexistence of magnetic phases in the cubic ferrimagnet GdlG
26. Magnetooptical investigation of the noncollinear magnetic structure of gadolinium iron garnet
27. Relaxation and hysteresis of magnetization of antiferromagnetic FeCo3
28. Investigation of the transition of FeCO3 from the antiferromagnetic to the paramagnetic state under the influence of a strong magnetic field
29. Exciton-magnon absorption of light in antiferromagnetic siderite
30. Excitons and magnons in CoCO3
31. Investigation of ferromagnetic resonance in Y3Fe5O12 by the method of optical spectroscopy
32. Investigation of antiferromagnetic resonance and two-magnon absorption in the weak ferromagnet CoCO3
33. Optical investigation of spin and magnetoelastic waves in a single crystal of yttrium iron garnet under longitudinal magnetic pumping
34. Line width of magnetic resonance exchange modes in a four-sublattice orthorhombic antiferromagnet
35. Two-magnon light scattering in the quasi-two-dimensional antiferromagnetic (NH3(CH2)2NH3)MnCl4
36. Scattering of excitons by long-wavelength magnons in the quasi-one-dimensional antiferromagnet {\rm CsMnCl_{3}{\cdot}2H_{2}O}
37. Characteristics of migration of triplet excitons in quasi-one-dimensional crystals of weak charge-transfer complexes: Naphthalene tetrachlorophthalic anhydride
38. Magnetic circular dichroism in antiferromagnetic cobalt fluoride
39. Influence of magnetic ordering on the phonon spectra of compounds with giant magnetostriction
40. Two-magnon absorption and characteristics of the spin-wave spectrum of multisublattice antiferromagnets
41. Characteristics of mutual annihilation of triplet excitons in various spin states
42. Spontaneous phase transitions and optical anisotropy in manganese germanium garnet (Ca3Mn2Ge3O12
43. Magnetic phase diagram for FeC03, an lsing antiferromagnet with anti-ferromagnetic inter- and intrasublattice exchange coupling
44. Spin-flop transition in manganese fluoride subjected to a tilted magnetic field. Tricritical point in the H-ψ diagram
45. Study of the intermediate state in MnF2 by means of antiferromagnetic resonance and the Faraday effect
46. Exchange modes in antiferromagnetic CuCl_{2} \times 2H2O
47. Photoinduced single-ion magnetic anisotropy in antiferromagnetic MnF2
48. Spin-flop phase transition and intermediate state in the quasi-one-dimensional antiferromagnet CsMnCl3•2H2O
49. Magnetooptical investigations of the noncollinear state induced in antiferromagnetic cobalt fluoride by a longitudinal magnetic field
50. Rearrangement of the spectrum of magnetic excitations of antiferromagnetic CoF2 with lowconcentration MnF2 impurity
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