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1. Electron Paramagnetic Resonance of Dislocations in Silicon
2. Effect of Dislocations on the Electrical Properties of Germanium
3. Exciton Scattering by Dislocations in the CdSe Crystal
4. Effect of Dislocations on the Electric Properties of Indium Antimonide
5. lnvestigation of the properties of the dislocation EPR spectra in silicon
6. Nature of the Photoplastic Effect
7. Short-circuit effect in plastic deformation of ZnS and motion of charged dislocations
8. Electric conductivity and Hall effect in silicon single crystals with dislocations
9. Effect of light on strain-stimulated light emission in ZnS crystals
10. Effect of dislocations on the electric properties of p-germanium
11. Dislocation-state spectrum in semiconductors
12. Investigation of the mechanism of the motion of charged dislocations in ZnSe
13. Dislocation microwave conductivity of germanium
14. Microwave conductivity of n-type germanium with dislocations
15. Temperature dependence of conduction by reconstructed dislocations in silicon and nonlinear effects
16. Quantum and dissipative effects in dislocation dynamics
17. Optical polarization contrast and twin-domain structure of high-temperature superconductor single crystals
18. Combined electron resonance in a one-dimensional dislocation band
19. Spin-dependent change in the rf photoconductivity of silicon crystals containing dislocations
20. Influence of dislocations on the densities and mobilities of light and heavy holes in p-type InSb single crystals at 77.4^{\circ} K
21. Concerning the annealing of a dislocation EPR signal in silicon
22. Investigation of dislocations in silicon by the photo-ESR method
23. Kinetics of transmutation doping as a method of deep-center spectroscopy in germanium
24. Spin-dependent recombination on dislocation dangling bonds in silicon
25. Influence of hydrogen on dislocation donor and acceptor states
26. Interaction of dislocations with hydrogen and oxygen in silicon
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