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1. Anisotropy of the Absorption of Ultrasound in Metals in a Magnetic Field
2. Anisotropy of the Absorption Coefficients of Ultrasonics in Superconductors
3. Oscillations in the Absorption Coefficient of Sound in Tin at Low Temperatures
4. Absorption of Ultrasound in Zinc at Low Temperatures
5. Investigation of the Anisotropy of the Energy Gap in Superconducting Tin
6. A New Type of Quantum Oscillations in the Ultrasonic Absorption Coefficient of Zinc
7. Investigation of the Oscillations of the Absorption Coefficient of Sound in Bismuth. I. Geometrical Resonance
A.P. Korolyuk
JETP, 1966, Vol. 22, No. 4, p. 701
PDF (882.5K)

8. Investigation of the Coefficient of Absorption of Sound in Bismuth. II. Giant Oscillations
A.P. Korolyuk
JETP, 1967, Vol. 24, No. 3, p. 461
PDF (932.7K)

9. Sound Wave Dispersion in Metals Located in an Inclined Magnetic Field
10. Investigation of Oscillations of the Coefficient of Absorption of Sound in Antimony
11. Absorption of Sound in Metals in an Inclined Magnetic Field
12. Acoustic Cyclotron Resonance in an Inclined Magnetic Field in Antimony
13. Electron velocities in bismuth and antimony
14. Dispersion of sound velocity and the electron relaxation time in bismuth and antimony
15. Electromagnetic excitation of anomalous acoustic waves in metals subjected to a transverse magnetic field
16. Transformation of electromagnetic waves and sound in tungsten in a magnetic field
17. Reversal of residual damping of longitudinal hypersound in dielectric crystals
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