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Поиск публикаций автора "A.N. Starostin"
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1. Optimal System of Basis Functions in the Theory of Collisions between Electrons and Atoms
2. Applicability of the Born Approximation to Collisions Between Electrons and Excited Atoms
A.N. Starostin
JETP, 1967 г., Том 25, Вып. 1, стр. 80
PDF (853.9K)

3. The Luttinger method in the theory of thermomagnetic phenomena
4. Oscillations of a Nondegenerate Plasma in Quantized Magnetic Fields
5. On the problem of the decay instability of electromagnetic waves in a magnetoactive plasma
6. Theory of drift motion of molecules in the field of resonant infrared radiation
A.M. Dykhne, A.N. Starostin
JETP, 1980 г., Том 52, Вып. 4, стр. 612
PDF (495.9K)

7. Transport of resonance radiation in dense, dispersive media
8. Possibility of diagnostics of magnetic fields in a laser plasma using the spectral composition of the scattered radiation
9. Investigation of the influence of the reabsorption of radiation in spectral lines on the gain coefficient on transitions of Li-like ions in a recombining laser plasma
10. Quantum kinetic equation for electrons in optical breakdown of gases
11. Photon frequency redistribution function in the resonance radiation transfer theory in the presence of a laser field
12. Redistribution function for resonance radiation in a hot dense plasma
13. Evolution of the frequency-spatial structure of an intense laser pulse propagating in a resonant medium
14. Influence of nonlinear dynamic relaxation on the absorption and emission spectra of a two-level atom in a strong electromagnetic field
15. Soft-x-ray induced fluorescence of gas mixtures
16. Experimental and numerical study of the emission characteristics of a hot, dense plasma of multiply charged ions produced during liner acceleration in the ANGARA-5-1 device
17. Effect of plasma microfields on the gain of hydrogen-like ions with photoresonant pumping
18. Multiplet resonance-fluorescence spectra of a three-level medium (sodium vapor) in intense laser radiation
19. Nonlinear interference effects and ion dynamics in the kinetic theory of Stark broadening of the spectral lines of multicharged ions in a dense plasma
20. Does the probability for spontaneous emission depend on the density and the temperature?
21. Effect of transverse magnetic field on domain instability in low-temperature plasma
22. Generation of high-power soft x-ray radiation fluxes using the Angara-5-1 facility
23. Theory of nonstationary transfer of resonance radiation under conditions of partial frequency redistribution
24. Novel mechanism of sound amplification in a weakly ionized gas
25. Profile of the Lα line of hydrogen-like ions in a dense plasma with allowance for the fine structure and the Lamb shift
26. Dynamics of gas-mixture separation in the field of a sound wave
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