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Поиск публикаций автора "R.N. Kuz'min"
Найдено 23
1. Resonance Absorption of Gamma Quanta in Magnesium Stannide. 23.8 keV Absorption Line with the Natural Line Width
2. The Mössbauer Effect in Binary Tin Compounds
3. Investigation of the Mössbauer Effect in Pd-Sn Alloys
4. Mössbauer Effect in Heusler Alloys
5. The Mössbauer Effect in Compounds of the Fluorite Type (IrSn2 and PtSn2)
6. Anisotropy of the Mossbauer Effect in Tellurium Single Crystals
7. The Mössbauer Effect in the Antiferromagnetic Compound MnSn2
8. Some FeaItures of the Mössbauer Effect in Tellurium
9. Investigation of the Kinetics of the β-Sn {\rightarrow} \alpha-Sn Transformation by the Mössbauer Effect Method
10. Magnetic Hyperfine Interaction in NiMnSb
11. Theory of Mössbauer spectra in an electric field
12. Interference of hyperfine components in the emission spectrum of Mössbauer nuclei
13. Focusing and channeling of neutrons and of other uncharged particles in a ferromagnet by dynamic and static methods
14. Coherent excitation of inversion of nuclei by a modulated beam of randomly distributed relativistic electrons
15. Elastic and inelastic scattering of Mössbauer γ quanta in a pyrolytic graphite crystal
16. Possibility of nonthreshold γ-ray channeling in crystals
V.I. Vysotskii, R.N. Kuz'min
JETP, 1988 г., Том 67, Вып. 8, стр. 1715
PDF (192.8K)

17. Anomalous channeling and quasicharacteristic radiation of nonrelativistic electrons in ionic crystals
18. Coherent interaction of light with a discrete periodic resonant medium
19. Effect of thermal conditions on the generation threshold of Mössbauer γ radiation in a system of excited nuclei
20. Superradiance in extended media
21. Superradiance in a two-dimensional model
22. Semiclassical theory of superradiance in one-dimensional crystalline structures
23. Magnetic channeling of neutrons in nonmagnetic crystals
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