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1. Angular Distribution of the Uranium Fission Fragments Produced by High-Energy Neutrons
2. Cascade α-Particles in Stars Produced by 360 and 660 Mev Protons
3. Disintegration of Silver and Bromine Nuclei by High Energy Protons
V.I. Ostroumov
JETP, 1957, Vol. 5, No. 1, p. 12
PDF (997.8K)

4. Knock-On Alpha Particles Produced by Fast Nucleons
5. Fragmentation of Ag and Br Nuclei by 9-Bev Protons
6. Alpha Particles Emitted by Heavy Emulsion Nuclei in Emulsions Bombarded by High-Energy Protons
7. Angular Correlation between Fragments and Charged Particles Emitted in Uranium Fission
8. Multi-Charged Particles Emitted in Disintegration of Carbon Nuclei by 660-Mev Protons
9. Energy Spectrum of Cascade Alpha Particles in Photographic Emulsion Stars Produced by High-Energy Protons
10. Breakup of C12 into Three Alpha Particles Accompanying Inelastic Scattering of 80-MeV π+ Mesons
11. The O16(\pi, {\pi}^{\prime})4\alpha Reaction for 80-MeV π+ Mesons
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