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1. Interaction between 1011 - 1012 ev Particles and Iron Nuclei
2. Inelastic Interaction of Protons with Energies Greater than 7 bev with Carbon and Hydrogen Nuclei
3. Investigation of a Shower Consisting of 200,000 Particles and Recorded in a Nuclear Photographic Plate
4. Investigation of Pion Production in Interactions of Cosmic-Ray Protons and α Particles with Carbon Nuclei in the Stratosphere
5. On Certain Singularities in the Interaction with Light Nuclei of Particles with Energies E \geq 2{\times}10^{12}ev
6. Heavy Nuclei Flux in the Primary Cosmic Radiation at a Geomagnetic Latitude of 31^{\circ}N
7. One Possible Mode of Development of Extensive Air Showers
8. Method of Measuring Particle Energies above 1011 Ev
9. The Interaction Between Light Atomic Nuclei and Particles with Energies of 1012 to 1013 Ev
10. Interaction of Gosmic Ray Particles with Various Nuclei
11. Inelastic Interaction between Cosmic Ray Protons of Kinetic Energy above 7 Bev and Carbon and Hydrogen Nuclei
12. A Study of "Young" High-energy Electron-photon Air Showers
13. Nuclear-active Particles in Young Air Showers
14. Composition of Nuclear-Active Component of Cosmic Rays in the Atmosphere
N.L. Grigorov
JETP, 1964, Vol. 18, No. 5, p. 1318
PDF (508.6K)

15. Search for Antimatter In Cosmic Rays
16. Production of High Energy Pions by Cosmic Ray Particles
N.L. Grigorov
JETP, 1964, Vol. 18, No. 4, p. 1063
PDF (1063.8K)

17. Energy Spectrum of Nuclear-active Particles in Extensive Air Showers
18. Large Ionization Bursts and the Spectrum of Nuclear-active Particles at Mountain Altitudes
19. Investigation of Large Ionization Bursts Produced by Cosmic Particles at Sea Level
20. Nuclear-Active Particles in Atmospheric Showers
21. Study of Neutral Pion Generation at Particle Energies 5{\times}l0^{12}-10^{13} eV
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