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1. Destruction of Superconductivity in Thin Films by Field and Current
2. Effect of High Pressure on the Superconducting Properties of Zirconium
3. Effect of Antimony and Lead Impurities on Phase Transitions in Bismuth
4. Critical Fields of the Crystalline Modifications Bi II and Bi III
5. Pressure Dependence of the Superconducting Transition Temperature in Zinc
6. Influence of Impurities on the Effect of Pressure on Thallium. II.
7. Investigation of the Effects of Hydrostatic Pressure and Plastic Deformation on the Superconducting Properties of Titanium
8. The Effect of High Pressure on the Superconducting Transition Temperature of the Alloys Mo90Re10 and Nb75Mo25
9. Investigation of the Effect of Pressures up to 30 katm on the Critical Field of Tin and Indium at Temperatures of 0.1-4^{\circ}K
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