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1. Propagation and Excitation of Electromagnetic Waves in a Nonlinear Medium
2. Contribution to the Nonlinear Theory of Two-stream Instability in the Presence of the Anomalous Doppler Effect
3. Theory of Amplification of Longitudinal Waves by a Charged Particle Beam in a Nonlinear Plasma
4. Nonlinear Theory of Cerenkov Excitation of Regular Oscillations by a Modulated Beam of Charged Particles
V.I. Kurilko
JETP, 1970, Vol. 30, No. 3, p. 484
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5. Cerenkov Radiation in a Medium with an Inverted Population Level
6. Electron beam excitation of regular oscillations in an inhomogeneous plasma waveguide
7. Interaction Between a Modulated Relativistic Beam and a Plasma
8. Coherence effects in Thomson scattering
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