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1. The \mu {\rightarrow} e + \gamma and \mu {\rightarrow} e + 
u +\bar{
u} + \gamma Decays
2. Remark on the Decay of the Cascade Hyperon
3. Peripheral Nucleon Interaction in the Two-Meson Approximation
4. Absence of {\eta} \longrightarrow 2\pi Decays and Conservation of Spatial and Combined Parities
5. Signs of Constants of Strong Interactions
6. Which is Heavier, the K01 Meson or the K02 Meson?
7. Gravitational Interaction of Fermions
8. Possible Decays of New Mesons
9. Unitary Symmetry and the Universal Weak Interaction
10. A Model for Anomalous Muon Interaction
11. On the Question of the Existence of Heavy Neutral Pseudoscalar Mesons
12. On the Theory of the Vecton
13. Electromagnetic Interaction of a Neutral Vector Meson
14. Several Consequences of Unitary Symmetry for Processes Involving ω, \fi and f0 Mesons
15. On the gravitational field of a massless particle
16. Cosmological consequences of a spontaneous breakdown of a discrete symmetry
17. Graviton emission in collisions of high-energy hadrons
18. Particle-like solutions of the scalar Higgs equation
19. Rotation of the optical polarization vector in a nonstationary gravitational field
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