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1. Production of K+ Mesons by Cosmic-Ray Protons at 3250m Above Sea Level
2. Nonradiative Transitions in Heavy μ-Mesic Atoms
3. Further Search for the {\mu}^{+} \longrightarrow e^{+} + e^{+} + e^{-} Decay
4. Further Search for the \mu \rightarrow e + \gamma Decay
5. An Experimental Investigation of Chemical Reactions Involving Muonium
6. Intensity of Nonradiative Transitions in Ta and Pu239 Mesic Atoms
7. Investigation of μ+-Meson Depolarization in Scintillating Plastics in Differently Oriented Magnetic Fields
8. Muonium Depolarization Processes in Germanium Single Crystals
9. A Search for Atomic Muonium in Chemically Inert Substances
10. Study of the Muonium Stage of Depolarization of μ+ Mesons in Potassium Chloride
11. Depolarization of Negative Muons in Solids
12. Depolarization of Negative Muons in Water and in Aqueous Solutions
13. Paschen-Back Effect for the Muonium Atom
14. The Influence of the Crystal Lattice of Silicon on the Hyperfine Splitting Energy of Muonium
15. "Slow" Depolarization of μ+ Mesons in Some Materials
16. Dependence of the asymmetry of negative muon decay electrons on the length of the hydrocarbon chain of alcohols and alkyl chlorides
17. The effects of electrolytes on the depolarization of positive muons
18. Depolarization of negative muons in condensed molecular media
19. Muonium stage of positive-muon depolarization in germanium
20. Characteristics states of muonium (μ+ meson) in silicon in longitudinal magnetic fields
21. Positive-muon depolarization in weakly doped silicon single crystals
22. Study of the electron structure of single crystals of terbium-yttrium alloys by the positron annihilation technique
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