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1. Simplification of the Formulas for Statistical Weight Calculations
2. The Mass Spectrum of Mesons in Heisenberg's Theory
3. On the Analysis of High-Energy Showers
4. On the Calculation of the Interaction Constant in a Nonlinear Theory
5. The Electromagnetic Interaction in the Heisenberg Theory
6. Concerning One Model of ππ Interaction
7. Estimate of the Role of the Law of Conservation of Angular Momentum in the Statistical Theory of Particle Production
8. Determination of the Parities of Strange Particles by Means of Dispersion Relations
9. Resonance Interactions of K Mesons
10. Exact Expression for the Amplitude Describing the Scattering of a Photon by a Hydrogen Atom and the Lamb Shift in the Nonrelativistic Approximation
Ya. I. Granovskii
JETP, 1969, Vol. 29, No. 2, p. 333
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11. On Coulomb polarization of vacuum
12. The oscillator representation in Landau's problem of the motion of a particle in a uniform field
13. Attenuation of light scattered by transparent particles
14. Quadratic algebras and dynamical symmetry of the Schrödinger equation
15. Periodic structures on a quantum spin chain
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