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1. Theory of Relaxation in Inhomogeneously Broadened EPR Lines
2. Phase Transitions in the Slater Model with Impurities
3. Relaxation in Inhomogeneougly Broadened EPR Lines
4. Theory of avalanche ionization induced in transparent dielectrics by an electromagnetic field
5. Avalanche ionization induced in solid transparent dielectrics by strong laser pulses
A.S. Epifanov
JETP, 1975, Vol. 40, No. 5, p. 897
PDF (278.1K)

6. Statistical features of avalanche ionization of wide-gap insulators by laser radiation under conditions of shortage of initiating electrons
7. Laser induced breakdown of alkali-halide crystals
8. Avalanche ionization produced in solids by large radiation quanta and relative role of multiphoton ionization in laser-induced breakdown
9. Multiphoton and impurity photoconductivity of alkali halide crystals excited by picosecond laser pulses
10. Optoacoustic study of nonlinear absorption of ultraviolet laser radiation by alkali-halide crystals during the generation of nonequilibrium carriers
11. Experimental investigation of the photoconductivity of wide-band insulators excited by ultraviolet laser radiation
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