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1. Investigation of the magnetic properties and NMR in spin-reorientation transitions in DyFe0.998Co0.02O3 crystals
2. Gigantic effect of magnetic vacancies on a phase transition of the Morin type in rare-earth orthoferrites
3. Magnetoelectric effect and magnetic phase transitions in (FexCr1-x)2O3 single crystals
4. Magnetic and neutron-diffraction investigations of reorientation transitions in cobalt-substituted yttrium orthoferrite
5. Diversity of orientational transitions in the Dyx Er1-xCrO3 system
6. Specific features of spontaneous spin reorientation in the YxLu1-xCrO3 system with a competing anisotropy
7. Influence of the ground state of the Ho3+ ions in orthochromites on their magnetic properties and phase transitions
8. Magnetic properties of DyCrO3
9. Observation of bottleneck effect in NMR in rare-earth orthochromites
10. Nature of magnetic anisotropy and magnetostriction of orthoferrites and orthochromites
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