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1. Storage of Cold Neutrons
2. Gravitational Collapse of Nonsymmetric and Rotating Masses
3. Perturbations in an Anisotropic Homogeneous Universe
4. Impossibility of Mixing in the Bianchi Type IX Cosmological Model
5. The Model of "Mixmaster Universe " with Arbitrarily Moving Matter
6. Weakly Interacting Particles in the Anisotropic Cosmological Model
7. Anisotropy of the Early Stages of Cosmological Expansion and of Relict Radiation
8. The isotropization of homogeneous cosmological models
9. Gravitational Synchrotron Radiation
10. Long gravitational waves in a closed universe
11. Electromagnetic detectors of gravitational waves
12. Space-time and physical fields inside a black hole
13. Interface between a hot and cold gas and the evolution of cold clouds in intergalactic space
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