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1. Statistical Properties of Gas Laser Emission in a Longitudinal Magnetic Field
2. Influence of Laser Field Polarization on Nonlinear Interference Effects
3. Polarization Phenomena and Nonlinear Interference Effects with Allowance for Collisions
4. On the theory of polarization phenomena in the spectroscopy of two-quantum transitions
5. Emission spectra of atoms and molecules accelerated by a stationary external field in a gas or a plasma
6. Nonlinear effects in the emission of interstellar molecules
G.I. Smirnov
JETP, 1975, Vol. 42, No. 1, p. 1
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7. Collisional averaging of the Stark and Zeeman spectrum structure
8. Nonlinear resonances of accelerated atoms and molecules
9. Laser detector of gravitational waves
10. Spectral line broadening due to Coulomb interaction
11. Zeeman solitons and simultons in quasiresonant nonlinear magnetooptics
12. Coherent interaction between light pulses and the ions of a magnetized plasma
13. Structure of photodetached resonances in relativistic ion beams in a magnetic field
14. Nonlinear magnetooptical resonances of hyperfine structure in radiative transitions
15. Nonlinear effects in the generation by ion lasers
16. Cyclotron resonance in ionic spectra
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