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1. Polarization of Protons in Scattering by C12
2. Polarization of Protons Scattered by O16 Spin and Parity of the 3.11-Mev Level of the F17 Nucleus
3. Nonlinear Effects in Antiferromagnets. "Latent" Antiferrormagnetism
4. Polarization of Protons Scattered from O16
5. Angular Distribution of Alpha Particles from the O18(p, α 0)N15 Reaction
6. Properties of Excited F19 Levels between 8.5 and 10.5 MeV
7. On the Possible Existence of a Quark State of Matter in Stars
8. Dynamic Symmetry of the Relativistic Symmetric Coulomb Problem in the Case of the Continuous Spectrum
9. Coherent States of a Charged Particle in a Magnetic Field
10. Evolution of Coherent States of a Charged Particle in a Variable Magnetic Field
11. Coherent States and Green's Function of a Charged Particle in Variable Electric and Magnetic Fields
12. Nondemolition measurements in gravitational-wave experiments
13. Damping and fluctuations in coupled quantum oscillator systems
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