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1. Galvanomagnetic Effects in Ferrimagnetics near the Compensation Point
2. On Some Galvano- and Thermomagnetic Effects in Antiferromagnets
3. Theory of the Spontaneous Hall Effect in Ferromagnets
4. The Magnetoelectric Effect
V.G. Shavrov
JETP, 1965, Vol. 21, No. 5, p. 948
PDF (633.8K)

5. Influence of Second Sound in Ferromagnets on the Damping of Elastic Waves
6. Second Sound in Antiferromagnetic Substances
7. Effect of pressure on magnetoacoustic resonance in uniaxial antiferrornagnets
8. Antiferromagnetic resonance in cubic crystals
9. New types of surface waves in magnetoelectric antiferromagnets
10. Surface magnetic polaritons in antiferromagnets of the easy-plane type
11. Effects of longitudinal susceptibility and relaxation on spin- and elastic-wave spectra in antiferromagnets with of spin reorientation
12. Coupled oscillations of iron rare-earth and elastic subsystems in orthoferrites with Kramers rare-earth ions
13. Electromagnetic excitation of ultrasound in crystals with helical magnetic structure
14. Electromagnetic excitation of ultrasound in a dysprosium single crystal
15. Nonlinear magnetoelastic waves in easy-plane magnets
16. Electromagnetic excitation of ultrasound in gadolinium
17. Generation of magnons by carriers in magnetic semiconductors
18. Influence of a magnetic field on the Young modulus of a hexagonal ferromagnet with easy-plane anisotropy (Tb0.4Gd0.6 single crystal)
19. New surface magnetoacoustic waves caused by piezomagnetism
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