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1. Asymmetry of Double Mott Scattering of 45 - 245 kev Electrons
2. Measurement of the Mössbauer Effect in Fe57 with a Scattering Geometry by Recording 14.4-keV Radiation
3. Investigation of the Mössbauer Spectrum of Resonantly-scattered Nuclear Radiation of Fe57
4. Interference of nuclear and electron scatterings of 14.4 keV resonance γ-ray in Bragg reflection from an α-Fe2O3 crystal
5. Suppression effect under conditions of purely nuclear Laue diffraction of resonant γ rays
6. Observation of the suppression of a nuclear reaction in a direct beam of γ quanta
7. Energy Analysis of Resonance γ Rays Diffiracted by an α-Fe573 SingIe Crystal
8. Suppression of a nuclear reaction in Fe57BO3 crystal
9. Features of the suppression effect under conditions of hyperfine quadrupole splitting
10. Energy spectrum of γ rays passing anomalously through resonantly absorbing Fe57 crystals
11. Measurement of the lifetime of a nucleus excited near a resonance
12. Mössbauer spectroscopy of conversion electrons: determining the range of depths that can be analyzed by nondestructive depth profiling
13. Experimental investigation of the interaction of the wave fields of Mössbauer and x-ray radiations with a crystal under the Bragg diffraction conditions
14. Nanosecond modulation of Fe57 Mossbauer radiation
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